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Our Objectives
  • ·       To take uneducated unemployed youths off the street to help them learn a trade.

    ·       To assist those who already have a talent to meet their aspirations and goals.

    ·       To encourage youths who already have a trade but are giving up because of lack of resources.

    ·       To give out soft loans to those youths that need assistance based on the mind set of setting up a small company.

    ·       To train educated youths to become entrepreneurs and how to become self sustaining.

About IYE Africa

Initiative for youth Empowerment in Africa (IYEA) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers young Africans to develop themselves and Africa through entrepreneurship.

In 2012, we set out to influence Africa’s social and economic destiny through its promising youth. We would offer them the tools to do two things:

First, to partake in driving our continent’s economic future by creating new businesses.

Second, to set these young people on a path to improve their own and their community’s standard of living.

We set up IYEA to maximize the educational benefit for our participants. We developed content; we sought out passionate and learned friends to mentor the participants; we found seasoned entrepreneurs from various industries to share their experiences of starting businesses

We challenge our participants to see needs that exist in their community and to turn these into opportunities with creativity, discipline, and hard work.

What really sets us apart though is the application of theory into practice. Students are given the theory, mentorship and resources, training to build a business plan and the opportunity to realize the dream through a little resources individuals or corporate bodies provide to enable us give monies for these youths to realize their dreams.

Our Projects


In 2012 IYEA launched our pilot program.


In 2012, we ran a hugely successful entrepreneurship training program for 29 students. The program received overwhelming community support through sponsorship by AIAT, and local and international expert mentors and subject matter expert guest speakers. We garnered great attention from the press.

The program was focused teaching business concepts and applying theory into practice through creating business teams who were required to develop an idea and build a business pitch.

Realizing reward for hard work is part of the entrepreneur’s reality. At the end of the program, a judging panel from the various teams and reward members of the winning project with a business consultant and $1,500 seed capital to realize their business goals.


In 2014, IYEA will run two programs concurrently.

1. The first program will build on the success in 2013. With sponsorship and community support, we hope to train 120 – 150 students

2. The second program is a new initiative. In the first half of 2013, we realized we had some students who were eager to explore entrepreneurship in the arts. 2014 we will provide this experience for them.


Young Entrepreneurs, Africa is a non-profit organization headquartered in Swaziland. Our team consists of creative individuals driven by our passion for Africa and the belief that we can influence Africa’s social and economic destiny through its promising youth.

Isaac - Founder/Executive Director
Isaac is a creative start-up fanatic! He is a lover of Africa and believes that entrepreneurship is the key to the development of the continent. His addiction for all things creative and entrepreneurial and a deep passion for youth development inspired him to collaborate with people of like minds to build a space where young people on the continent can develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Armed with a B.sc in Accounting and Finance and various courses on Wealth Management and Entrepreneurship, and wealth of experience from the Financial Organisations and nonprofit organizations He has worked with, he is determined to turn IYEA into a world class organization.

Elvis – Director of Finance
Elvis is Pastor with the Alliance Church in Swaziland. He holds a B.sc Degree in Mechanical Engineering and also a Principal Partner at Africa Institute of Advanced Training. Elvis brings a lot of passion along with his project management and marketing experience to IYEA.

Nonhlanhla – Director of Marketing
Nonhlanhla’s affection for sustainable change through youth education started with herself as being an Orphan before the age of 5. This affection has transpired into involvement into other community programs, and of course, IYEA.  She spent close to 5 years at Swazi Bank and later decided to own her own company, La-Maria (PTY). With her marketing expertise blended with her passion for social change, Nonhlanhla is inspired to solve social problems through sustainable business practices.


Our successes so far is only the beginning of a long march towards our vision – for IYEA to inspire Africa’s youth and spark their entrepreneurial talents to create businesses that solve Africa’s problems and drive the continent forward.

1 year
Within the next year we plan to take our first steps outside Swaziland, into Mozambique, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

5 years
In five years, we will launch five learning centres across Africa, from which IYEA will run. We will also begin to tap into the strength of our growing alumni network across the continent and begin the beginning of our international collaboration.

10 years
Within a decade, we will realize our ambition and see successful businesses across Africa set up by these young entrepreneurs.

Join Us/Partners

IYEA welcomes individuals and organisations that share in our vision.

If you are committed to our mission, there are ways you can support us!

If you are an individual who has worked for a few years in the business world, and looking to share your experiences with budding young entrepreneurs, this could be the right role for you. Mentors create deep relationships with individual students and a team to act as a coach, challenge their thinking and support students through their training program development.

Guest Speakers
We are looking for entrepreneurs who have inspiring words, motivation and subject matter expertise in starting your own business to guest speak at our programs. We’ve had some great guest speakers in the past.

This role involves 4 weeks of instructing a class of up to 35 students through curriculum preparation, fostering an active learning environment and teaching business concepts. Facilitators have an instructional background with business experience.

Coordinators support facilitators with their instructional responsibilities over the course of the 4 week program.

IYEA’s mission is a mission that is supported by many across Swaziland, Africa and the rest of the world. We hope it’s a mission that you align with as well. In return for your support, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities. Contact us to learn more.

Our Inspiration

The potential of Africa’s youth.

Definition: possibility for achievement

As a team of creative individuals driven by our passion for Africa and the belief that a strong private sector is the key to realising Africa’s economic potential, we see the possibilities for achievement in the youth.

Our inspiration starts with the potential of the youth, their creativity, ambition and tenacity are critical qualities in reaching success. We dream of the promise in our students and the impact that it will have on themselves, their communities, and Africa. We look for those who are willing to make it happen and persist in making it happen.

The educational systems of many African countries encourage rote memorization of abstract theories and stifle creative thinking among students, compromising their creativity, ability to apply theory into practice and realize the rewards of independent thinking and hard work.

By creating an environment for the youth to nurture their creative instincts, develop business acumen, we are inspired to find ways to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential!