Donations and monies from our principal are what is keeping us going and we can't thank you enough for your support. 

But due to many fraudulent donations we have received over the years and call backs, we have decided to - from now onwards - stick to only cryptocurrencies. With Cryptocurrency, we know the donation is coming directly from the sender and not hacked PayPal or stripe or the rest of them.

Thanks for your understanding.

Below are the various cryptocurrencies we accept:

Bitcoin: 3DPaRMwm8796HDT2EHRMSxi4wgPMbLsnNk

Ethereum: 0xa5cae5ccdc3d7a697c3a2431048c4679824ebbe7

USDT - Tether (ER20): 0xa5cae5ccdc3d7a697c3a2431048c4679824ebbe7

USDT - Tether (BEP-20) (BSC Network): 0xa5cae5ccdc3d7a697c3a2431048c4679824ebbe7

Dogecoin: D7gLUjDDivaBLgQNLaJEnqvQfFC4xVvtmu

XRP: r34mWrX3cZCZpJEsqe1F6PNotREXwj1f3r DESTINATION TAG: 252637244

Litecoin: LKS7DHCC5jSe9ryhxnXyi1GhTz4hiPo44s

SOL - Solana: CapUTQUYpt5Utrp2RqEpCnq3SasRw92QFz5x7yHmpj6Y

We will keep praying for you as always.